Alexander Technique

Alexander Technique – Jane Julier

What is the Alexander Technique?
It is a practical teaching technique that offers you the opportunity to learn to move in a more efficient and balanced way.  It is an observation of your body mechanics and how you use them.  A new way of thinking and awareness can lead to less tension and more freedom and space.  The Alexander Technique can give you a valuable tool box to take away so that with these new skills you can begin to move more naturally and be more in touch with yourself in body and in mind.

The Alexander Technique enables you to help identify and change patterns of tension, whether at home or at work.  For example when you walk, run, stand, sit, drive, cycle, play an instrument or the various physical challenges presented at the workplace.  In fact anything that involves movement, even movement in stillness.

What happens in a lesson?
The one to one sessions are called ‘lessons’ because the Alexander Technique is an educational form of learning to help oneself.  So in the lessons, they are to help you take the experience and knowledge and to encourage change in your everyday life.

The lesson (which is fully clothed) involves simple movements, such as walking, standing and sitting.  This can provide a lot of information about the individual’s posture and tension habits. My instruction is given verbally and visually, along with gentle guidance with my hands.

This is to encourage a release of tension and compression, giving you a new experience in freedom of movement.  At first this can feel quite odd, or even wrong, because our habits are so ingrained and therefore feel so ‘right’.

How many lessons do I need?
I encourage pupils to have at least six lessons.  The more lessons, the more the pupil can be reminded of the process, creating a deeper understanding of the connection between mind and body.

Can I have a trial lesson?

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Jane is a fully qualified teacher and member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).