Thrive Pilates LogoHarriet Tubbs is a holistic massage therapist and bodyworker who brings many years of experience to her mindful matwork Pilates classes.

Pilates is a focused, relaxing form of exercise, designed to encourage tone and movement throughout the body.  It concentrates on strengthening the deep abdominal muscles known as your ‘core’, creating a stable pelvis and long, supple limbs.

“As you strengthen your core muscles, you encourage good posture and support your spine thus reducing the risk of injury and pain.  With a strong and stable core we support ourselves from the inside which has a positive effect on both mind and body.”

Harriet’s mindful mat-work classes start with a gentle warm up, move on to strengthening exercises and finish with relaxing stretches.  All her classes focus on the breath, pelvic floor activation and a mindful connection to the self. Differing strength and experience are catered for by offering a range of progressions for each exercise, to allow people to work within their own capabilities and at their own level.

Many years as a massage therapist have taught Harriet to recognise the causes of common injuries and postural problems, thus enabling her to tailor classes for injury prevention and pain management as well as strengthening and deep relaxation.

Harriet teaches Thrive Pilates classes at The Healthy Living Centre, on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings (please refer to What’s On for details).  Harriet also runs occasional weekend workshops.

Classes are usually run in 6 week blocks (term times).  It’s essential to book and best to commit to a block of classes rather than dip in and out.

For enquiries and to book, please call Harriet (07791 234319).