Many people choose to make yoga part of their daily or weekly routine.  Yoga’s holistic approach to mind, body and spirit can help provide ways to deal with the challenges of daily life – and everyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, sex or ability.

You may be drawn to yoga simply for health and fitness, or be seeking relief for a specific physical condition. You might want help with managing stress, or would like pregnancy yoga classes or exercises suitable for the less able-bodied.  Whatever your objectives, there are yoga classes that can meet them.

The Healthy Living Centre hosts two yoga classes.

On Monday evenings, Julia Baldock teaches a 90 minute class.   On Friday mornings, Steph Leitner teaches an hour long class.   (For times and dates, please refer to What’s On.)

For enquiries and to book, please contact the class tutors.

Julia Baldock (07708 469745).

Steph Leitner (01823 601203).