Counselling – Rhonda Lovell

Rhonda picAt different ages and life stages, counselling can help when we feel stuck or tired, confused or worried – or simply when we need an independent person to hear us out.  Counselling is described as being one of the helping professions and as such is there to do exactly that, help.

Sometimes it’s important to ask for help, for the sake of our children’s well-being and our own.

Investing in counselling helps us to develop skills in managing our emotions, to find value in who we are, to train our minds and live the way we want.  Counselling is a talking therapy – and within a session we may talk, but equally we may use art materials, sand trays, games or toys in order to understand and express what’s going on inside us.

I bring mindful attention to each session and offer you the opportunity to learn meditation and other techniques to help with anxiety and stress.  As a former Tai-Chi teacher, I can also show you useful, gentle exercises to release tension and induce relaxation, self-confidence and more.

I offer counselling for:

  • families
  • adults
  • children
  • young people
  • couples.

My approach will be tailored to meet you, or your family’s, needs.

My training and work experience have equipped me to practise safely and professionally with children, young people, adults, families and couples.

I have a number of specialisms one of which is working therapeutically with children and young people (and their families) focusing on attachment and trauma.  I believe that early intervention in mental health literally saves lives – and family life too.  All too often there is not enough help through the NHS to help children and young people process their difficulties.

As an adult, our inner child is often waiting to be seen and heard, so specialist training in working with children helps us adults too!  Counselling for adults can really help get us out of stuck thinking and get our lives moving in the direction we choose.  Couple counselling can foster better understanding though communication and focusing on what is working well, in addition to looking at the issues that prompted the desire to get help.

Please call or email for more information and to see how I might help.  I am usually able to offer an initial consultation free of charge.

If you want me to work with your children, then I would need to see you first.  With young people it’s important to recognise their right to confidentiality, while engaging them in as much communication with you as parents or carers as possible.

I am a registered member of the BACP, am DBS cleared and fully insured.

Rhonda Lovell – Counselling – available at the Healthy Living centre by appointment.

Tel: 07734 362606