Hemyock's Community Fridge

Reducing waste and food insecurity

We are fortunate to host FoodSave’s Hemyock Community Fridge at the Centre.  FoodSave works across the region to create zero food-waste communities. 

We provide free food to local people, ensuring no useable food is wasted.  Surplus food is collected from multiple food outlets (supermarkets, bakeries, restaurants) seven days a week, and is available to anyone in the community for free via the Community Fridge. 


Available for EVERYONE

Hemyock Community Fridge is available for EVERYONE to use.  With the cost of living only increasing, we aim to help tackle food insecurity whilst also helping the environment.  

Opening Times

Monday 10am – 1pm
Tuesday 10am – 1pm
Wednesday 10am – 1pm
Thursday 10am – 1pm
Friday 10am – 1pm